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Hi, I`m Mandi

My studies are in food and nutrition and I have over 20 yrs experience in the Food Service Industry. I ran my first marathon while in high school and went on to become a marathon/ultra marathon runner, triathlete, spin instructor and canoeist. I am a mother of three boys and wife of farmer and soil conservationist. I love researching food quality, nutrition and disease, weight loss and fitness. The latest science studies show what factors contribute to living a healthier life and why diabetes and other diseases have become endemic. I  am particularly interested in how we can prevent disease and sickness and how we can use real clean food as medicine. Find out what is making us sicker and fatter and what we can do about it.  I believe that being healthy is a lifestyle that starts with the right information! I will show you what tasty foods you can eat more of and which burn more fat, boost energy, and maintain ideal body weight for the long term. Please Join me!

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